The Thieves Class 102

This is your 102 Young Living Thieves Class  Toxic Free Living is such a key to good health.  Watch this video and take notes.  This may just change your life forever!
In this video Jen does such a great job explaining a very probable reason why we have mood swings, metabolism problems, hormonal struggles and dis-ease.
Swap it all out for Thieves products and live a synthetic free life.
This is a deep dive in knowledge but it will be worth it because your ability to have energy, to focus better, to live safer lives will sky rocket.
When you remove the synthetics from your life, your life will radically improve.
Jen shows how you will save literally THOUSANDS of dollars each year just by switching to Thieves.



In this class we will cover the difference between other cleaners and Thieves. Why some are labeled “all natural” when in reality they are not. Plus we will be covering how switching to the Thieves line can actually help with things like weight loss, sleep issues, mood swings, your immunity, and even pregnancy. At the end we will go over how to swap $1,000 worth of typical spending on household cleaning items with the much more healthful versions through Thieves.

“When it comes to all these synthetic toxins, often times the damage is done to you. You may be unable to focus or be who you are supposed to be because you are depressed, tired all the time, not sleeping well, gaining weight, feel overwhelmed, out of control, feel anxious, have a hard time focusing, your emotions are erratic, or you can’t seem to stay healthy.

Perhaps you are constantly in and out of the doctors or are constantly getting colds and sinus infections or sore throats. There are any number of issues that are all related to the health of our immune system and our gut and also our endocrine system that regulates your hormones.

Your hormones are responsible for a whole host of health related issues in your body. Your reproductive system and how well you are able to procreate, your sleep and wake patterns and your ability to get good sleep, your metabolism and how well your body is able to digest foods and metabolize them so that you do not gain weight, and your emotions and how well you are able to adapt to stress and mood swings. These are just a few areas that are affected by your hormones.

Your immune system affects practically every area of your body as well. How well your body responds to physical stress and inflammation. How well you are able to ward off disease and sickness. How your body and your gut controls potential autoimmune disorders and autism. Synthetics are a real threat.

Synthetics disrupt your immunity and your hormones.

I just thought this was life… we get sick, we get tired, we age… but guess what? When you remove the synthetics from your life, YOUR LIFE WILL RADICALLY IMPROVE!

The moment I took out all of the synthetics in my home, my issues all vanished! It was the missing piece to my health!” Jen O Sullivan

From Holly I have taught on Toxic Free living many times but THIS video says it all.  So good.  Everyone needs this information to avoid these common dangers and the consequences to our health.  Thieves 102 is a must for all of my Young Living members and if you are not a member yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!  Join me today and I will help you on your healing path.

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Posted by Jen O'Sullivan Author on Friday, March 20, 2020


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