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This section of the site will feature knowledge that has been gleaned from many sources offering natural healing solutions to many of today’s physical difficulties. This information is in no way a replacement for your doctor’s advice (naturopathic or allopathic) or to deter you from consulting an experienced and qualified health practitioner who may be better able than you are to understand your symptoms and apply wisdom in helping you. PLEASE do not neglect to seek advice when dealing with your health. And by all means, don’t just ignore your symptoms. Your body is like an onion with many layers and they all build on one another to reveal deeper and deeper issues that should be addressed.

When a health challenge presents itself, whether it is chronic or acute, learn to embrace it as an opportunity to learn holistic healing ways and gain more health than if it had not happened. Your body is trying to tell you something and the key is to keep listening.  Herbs and natural healing merely give your body a nudge so it can heal itself.

The parts of this section of the site will expand as I add from my own experience or import knowledge from more sources.

The categories I have chosen to organize natural remedies into are:




Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Household Remedies

Body and Energy Work

Kimberly Gallagher says it well:

“A couple of mantras I have when I’m sick to switch out of negative thinking are these:

1. What my body does is right. (These symptoms are my body’s way of responding to whatever is going on with me right now. What could they be indicating? How can I nourish myself to help my body move through what is going on?)

2. What is the gift in this for me? What is this illness telling me I need? And again – how can I nourish myself right now?” (Kimberley Gallagher from Herbmentor)

I love listening to Underground Wellness Sean Croxton’s podcast interviews with famous authors on health and wellbeing.  He always begin each interview inquiring about the interviewee’s journey.  Most often the person began their journey with a health challenge (their own or a loved one) and they were looking for answers that worked.  Years later their gift to the world is their journey and the information they gleaned and put into healing practice that changed their lives and the lives of many.