Eight Ways to Save Money With Young Living

Are you as money conscious and as frugal as I am? I know we all are looking for ways to protect and invest in our health with nontoxic, life-giving products that are affordable. I decided to detail eight ways Young Living blesses their customers because I know you can benefit too.  I wish all companies did this!  Can you imagine going to a store that gave you so many additional products just because you were a great customer? This month I got over $750 in products and services back from Young Living … just for being a really happy customer. OH MY WORD!

And this doesn’t include my monthly Thank-You-Check from Young Living just for sharing with those I love and helping my members.

In this video I decided to focus on the various ways you can save money with Young Living. It is rather astounding.

Posted by Holly Drake on Thursday, November 1, 2018


Here are 8 ways to save or get free stuff with this amazing company…

  1. 50% OFF TO GET STARTED! – Become a Wholesale Member by buying a Starter Kit.  This is the only thing that Young Living sells at 1/2 price and is a powerful treasure chest of wellness.  As a wholesale member you will get all the Young Living Products at a savings of 24%.  Not only do you get this wonderful Premium Starter Kit but I will send additional reference materials to you to empower you to know how to use your oils effectively for yourself, your family and your home.                                                                                                                                                                              NEWS ALERT:  As of November 2018 a new member can get on Essential Rewards WHEN you sign up for your Starter Kit and start saving 10% immediately.  10% off of $160 = $16   #incredible


2. DON’T MISS OUT ON RECEIVING FREE PRODUCTS –Essential Rewards is our subscription loyalty program, a monthly wellness box that rewards you for every purchase, usually awarding one percentage percentage point (known as “PV” for Purchase Volume) for every dollar spent.  You can redeem your accrued points to receive Young Living oils or other outstanding products for free.  Your earn these percentage points at a rate of 10%, 20% or 25% of your purchase, depending on how long you have been a member of Essential Rewards.  Additionally, the company adds bonus gifts based on the number of months you have participated in the program.  My bonus gift this month was the oil blend ‘Loyalty’ (Idaho Blue Spruce, Sacred Frankincense, Sacred Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang) for being on ER for 12 consecutive months.  It smells amazing!  Thank you, Young Living!


I have been on Essential Rewards for over 2 years, so I receive 25% back of my order.  I spent 400PV and earned $100 of ER points to spend on products of my choice.

3. FREE SHIPPING– YLGO & YLGO+ is Young Living’s version of Amazon Prime. Pay a subscription once and get free shipping for the rest of the year…. oh my gosh. I placed 4 orders this month (ER order, Redeemed ER points, and 2 Quick orders) and spent ZERO on shipping. Yes, zero!

This month I would have paid at least $32 on shipping costs for my 4 orders. I prefer FREE!


4. MONTHLY BRIBES (I MEAN PROMOS). YL incentivizes us to do replacement buying by offering monthly promos that are hard to pass up. Always check our support group Facebook page Spunky Oils to see what the promos are before you place your Essential Rewards order. You might be close to a promo level if you increase your order a bit to get the free oils. Replacement buying is essential, throw out the toxic stuff under your kitchen and in your bathrooms and replace with

This month I spent 400 PV on things I needed for my ER order and got all the products pictured above! $293 promo awesomeness! Retail cost would be $386.


5.  DON’T MISS OUR TEAM FREEBIES –If you aren’t checking the Spunky Oils FB group every month, you will miss out on some fantastic incentives offered by our leaders. They have some awesome ideas up their sleeves that you will want to take advantage of. You will want to be aware of these deals as you place your orders or tell your members. This month, Katie offered each of us a free Rose Oil roller (valued at approximately $30) to all who spent 100PV (this is one of those limited time offers.) As a member of my support team, I will let you know what awesome contests or giveaways are being offered so you can choose to participate if you wish.

6. THANK YOU CHECK FROM YOUNG LIVING – Young Living pays us to share their beautiful oils and oil infused products.  There is no middle man, so the company compensates us to spread the word about their outstanding products. You can build a business introducing this company to those you love and get them started on a non-toxic oily journey to real health. You can generate as much income as you want.

7. SAVE ON MEDS AND DOCTOR VISITS –A good wellness program can help you spend less on doctor visits and medicines. I’d rather use products that will strengthen my immune system than make constant trips to the pharmacy. There is no way to calculate this savings, but I’m sure it is quite substantial.


8. PRICELESS!  When you have your health you have everything!












I hope this blog opens your eyes to the opportunity to get the most bang for your buck!  I just spent my Essential Rewards points and got these products for free and didn’t have to pay for shipping because I am on YLGO+   2 Peppermint, 2 Lemon, 2 Orange, 1 Thieves, 1 StressAway, 1 Into the Future blend (awesomeness), Alkalyme sticks, Genesis Hand & Body Lotion, Ningxia Red 60 count singles    That totaled $375 and I didn’t spend a dime!  I feel so blessed and I hope to see everyone I love be living a healthy toxic free life style.

I love my friend Sam Wright, I have known her for years and she is the one who introduced me to Young Living.  Sam is an outstanding leader and has a heart of gold.  Her thoughts in the video below are important to listen to if you can’t afford spending money on  these precious oils.  Super practical ideas to help you.  Thanks you Sam!

Love, Holly

Samantha Wright share’s her heart:  “Don’t spend more money than you have & How to get your products paid for fast!”