Wild Blessings Store

The Wild Blessing Store will be opening soon.

Artisans from the Appalachian mountains will be selling their handmade wares, all made from nature’s gifts.

The Wild Line UP

Wild Food Plant Seeds & instructions for planting and harvesting.  Grow your own edible garden.  They’ll grow like ‘weeds’!

Wild Plant First Aid Kit, including instructions for how to make your own

Wild Plant Help: The Itch Witch for Poison Ivy, Herbal Sun Screen (protects and heals), Healing Salves for aches and pains or burns, Osha Root, Solomon Seal, Elderberry Elixir for colds and flu

Wild Cosmetics: lotions, lip balms, toners, bath salts, hydrasols (Violet, Lilac, Rose, Lavender, Rosemary), massage oils (Saint John’s Wort oil, Calendula oil, Solomon Seal oil)…

Wild Jams, Jellies & Fruit rolls

Wild Teas and Dried Plants: for nourishing infusions, cooking or medicine making

Wild ID Bags: gift bags featuring wild food leaves, edible flowers, roots, berries, trees

Wild food plants Stationary: stunning photos of wild edible plants

Wild Crafts: cutting boards made from edible trees, wooden vase holders, bark framed mirrors

Wild Jewelry: earrings and necklaces made from natures gifts

Wild Recipes: my book on International Cuisine with Wild Edible Foods

Wildly AMAZING: artisan Louis Torez invents sculptures for the garden that are truly memorable and magical.  I am so pleased that he has offered to sell his creations through Wild Blessings.  Pictures coming!