Wild Greens and Bacon Stir Fry

Sean Cooking Wild Greens

Stir frying wild greens is easy to do.  Bacon and it’s grease makes even bitter greens tasty.

  • collect greens (best in the Spring before flowering when the energy is there and they are young and tender)
  • wash
  • chop finely to taste
  • cook bacon or sausage
  • remove the cooked meat and stirfry the greens in the grease
  • return meat to the greens
  • may put a splash of vinegar or lemon over the greens
  • salt and pepper to taste

    Stir frying sliced Fennel and Yellowdock leaves

    Harvest the Fennel stems down by the base of the plant. They are sweet and crunchy like celery stalks.  Slice on a diagonal and stir fry.  Yellowdock leaves are best when they are quite young, if they are older, boil and drain before using in casseroles or stir fries.  Use Yellowdock sparingly because of it’s oxalic acid content.  Cooking neutralizes that however.