Wild Wisdom

Teaching Neighborhood Kids About God's Free Gifts

This section of Wild Blessings is for instruction and know how.  Future topics will include:

1. Reasons for Going Wild!

2. Holly’s Shopping Guide: general guidelines for shopping in the wild; where to shoppe, what kind of shopping carts are best, budgeting your free groceries sustainably, when to find the best deals, how to put away your groceries (drying, freezing, pickling, canning or making infused vinegars, oils or honeys…)

3. Foraging Rules

4. Wild Substitutions

5. Linda Runyon’s fiche of all of her radio programs on Wild Foods over the past three years.  Why not learn from the best? Linda lived off of the land for decades and not only survived but thrived. Here weekly radio programs focus on one plant or topic of wild interest at a time and is quite in depth.  My iPod is filled with her wild wisdom!