March 3rd – My foraging basket – Wintercress

Once nature’s wave starts rolling, it is challenging to keep up with the force of change and abundance that morphs the seeming barrenness of Winter into a green jungle….but right now, in the Appalachian mountains, the green offerings are highly anticipated and ecstatically welcomed!

March 3rd I was invited to a potluck plant gathering taught by botanist and fellow plant geek Thomas Cooper, so Max and I went ‘shopping’ in God’s free grocery store to see what there was on ‘sale’.   I have been nibbling on early Wintercress in my daily walks and knew they were abounding in my medicinal herb garden.  In this video, I will take you with me from foraging to feasting and show you step by step the process.

Wintercress is a nutrient dense, wonderfully tasty powerhouse of a green gift.  Go find some Wintercress near you in a chemical free zone and tell me how you enjoyed your basket of wild greens.  Join me for future videos as Max and I surf nature’s wave and fill our baskets and belly’s with abundance!

“Oh Lord, how many and varied are Your works. In wisdom You have made them all.  The whole earth is full of Your wisdom!”  Psalms 104:24