I am a wild foods chef and offer regular wild food feasts where the guests come to learn, forage for wild edibles, and cook an international flare meal together.  The cuisine is sometimes Oriental, Greek, Italian, Mexican and Indian or French.  Here I will post a few of my wild recipes for you to enjoy.  Coming soon will be a cookbook with all of them provided along with tips for shopping in the wild and getting the best ripe deals.

Below are some of my favorite wild recipes.

Coconut Oil Raw Brownies (Gluten Free)

There is nothing wild about these yummy chocolate coconut oil honeyed wonders.  Just had to include this for you all to enjoy the best healthy dessert ever!

Nettle Soup

Making this again today.  The chicken stock is the key to a great soup.

Lambs Quarter Spread

Purslane Tomato Salad

Wild Energy Balls

Wild Pesto

Wild Salad

Wild Sea Zest Seasoning