Hot & Sour Soup w/ Milkweed Bud Peas & Burdock Root

Hot and Sour Soup on the far side of the table

8 cups chicken stock
1 cup tofu, cut in julienne strips
1 cup bamboo shoots, cut in julienne strips
6 Shitake mushrooms thickly sliced
1/4 cup of Pickled Burdock Root
2 cups of Milkweed Bud Peas (snip each pea off of it’s stem)
1 t Tamari soy sauce
1/4 t sugar
3/4 t sea salt
2 T Kudzu powder mixed with 3 T water
1 egg beaten until slightly foamy
3 T Herbal vinegar
1/2 t ground white pepper
2 green onions including tops, thinly sliced

Bring chicken stock to boil in uncovered pan.  Add Burdock root, tofu, bamboo shoots mushrooms, Milkweed peas, cook 3 to 5 minutes mix soy sauce, sugar, salt and Kudzu mixture, add to soup; stir; cook until soup just comes to a boil.  Slowly swirl in egg.  Turn heat off put vinegar and pepper in bowl add soup and green onions. Stir serve immediately.

Nutrition Facts
Burdock Root  Protein 2.5 g, Carbs 20.1, Fiber 1.7 g, Calcium 50 mg, Iron 1.2 mg, Potassium 180 mg, Thiamin 250ug
Burdock is a biennial plant, harvest first year roots anytime.  Only harvest 2nd year roots in the early Spring before it shoots up the seed stalk.
Find Burdock rosettes at the feet of the 2nd year skeletons.

Milkweed Protein 3.5 g, carbs 5.2 g, Iron 1.1 mg, potassium 345 mg, Beta Carotene 1166 ug,  Niacin 1000 ug

Kudzu Calories 345, Protein 21g, Carbs 61, Fiber 48g, Vitamin A 12, 600 iu, Vit C 3 mg, Calcium 1700 mg, Iron 11.6 mg, Potassium 1950 mg