Psoriasis Natural Healing Protocol

Should take about a week to see changes but only if you change diet as well. With this protocol, not only should the skin improve but also other issues.


1. Stop all junk and processed foods.

2. No sugar for (2) weeks to see if that helps. Psoriasis and/or eczema are fungal conditions and fungus thrives on sugars.

3. No d airy (except butter), though raw milk can be an exception

4. No sodas at all.

5. Eat more alkalizing foods and less acidic foods (get list on internet or books from Amazon)

6.  Remember that alcohol (wine, beer) becomes sugar in the body so they are a no no.

7. Ditch the wheat.  Gluten is a culprit with many psoriasis sufferers.

8. Incorporate organic coconut oil into diet (3 tbls per day, before each meal)


1. Stress is a factor.  Therefore I recommend music therapy using “soaking music.”   The best artists are: John Michael Talbot (especially the “Come to the Quiet” and instrumental albums) and Julie True.  Keep the soaking music on all day.  Lay down and relax with the music while focusing only on the music and the Lord for at least 30 minutes 2 x per day.  Keep music going even during sleep at night (just turn volume down some).  This will calm the adrenals.

2. Make sure you are having at least 1 bowel movement per day.  If not, a colon cleanse will be helpful.

3. Getting Vit D is important but getting it from the sun is even more important

4. Remove all synthetic fragrances and additives from anything that touches his skin.

5. Change the laundry detergent and skin products to natural ingredients.



1. “Oregon grape root has been used topically to assist people who suffer with Psoriasis. Psoriasis episodes can be triggered by (among other things) emotional stress, trauma, dry skin and bacterial infection. An immune system abnormality likely plays a role.

There have been studies that show that berberine inhibits keratinocytes growth. This is very important as Psoriasis is characterized by skin cells that divide and multiply at a rate 100 times faster than normal. While there are other herbs that contain berberine, Oregon grape root is a very good choice because it is effective yet not as expensive or endangered as Goldenseal. Taking up to ten capsules a day is safe yet starting slowly and taking just enough is better. It may only take you two capsules a day, which would result in savings of taking, more than needed.” Marilene Richardson SongCroft

2. Chickweed is great for cuts, burns, eczema, chapped skin, insect bites or stings, diaper rash and other skin inflammations, itchy skin and rashes in general. Use it as a poutlice.  Eat it in salads, infuse it in vinegar and use for the vinegar portion of your salad dressing for nutritional healing.

3. Burdock decoction – soak a cotton ball & use it to wash the area – Burdock is good for skin problems including psoriasis & eczema.

4. Burdock root internally, and the leaf externally, is a nice idea. I’ve found that most if not all psoriasises clear up completely if you

1) ditch gluten completely (you’ll see the lesions grow smaller and less irritating as you progress, and come back almost immediately if you stray into gluten-land) and
2) take enough vitamin D.    Henriette Kress

5. Calendula oil or salve (made with coconut oil or shea butter)

Vitamins and Minerals

1.  Apple Cider Vinegar tonic daily

2. Take Vitacost 15-35 probiotics, 2 capsules 2x per day on empty stomach.

3. Take 1/4 tsp baking soda in 1/2 cup water on empty stomach before bed.

4. Take Natural Vitality’s “Calm” magnesium with potassium each morning.

5. B 100 complex is also good for the adrenals.

6. 50 mg of zinc 1 x day with food

7. Krill oil  1 x per day with food.

8. Vitamin D  Vitamin D3 is usually exceptionally helpful in many cases of psoriasis. Doesn’t mean that it’ll go away, but severity usually decreases. Does your sun get better with sun exposure? If so, D3 for sure. I like RX Vitamins Liqui-D3. 4000-6000IUs a day, or, if getting levels checked, shoot for 50-80ng/ml.  Jim Mcdonald


Household Remedies

1. Wash area each morning with a paste of baking soda and water (leave on for a few minutes, rinse).

2. Apply apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball until very moist.  Let dry.

3. Apply aloe vera (fresh from the plant if you have one) – enough to completely cover the area in a thick goo.  Let dry.  When thoroughly dried and given time to absorb (like 20 minutes) then rinse and apply extra virgin coconut oil.  Repeat before bed.

4. Apply  coconut oil to the psoriasis. Coconut oil is anti-fungal

Body or Energy work

1. Deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation or tai chi. Something where he could just relax for a little while.

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Disclaimer: Holly Drake is not a medical doctor.  All communication is for informational purposes only.  Not intended to diagnose or treat any illness.  Seek your healthcare provider if you so choose.