Your Welcome Box from Holly

Welcome to Young Living!

You did it!  You just purchased something that could quite literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!
Thank you so much for enrolling in YL with me as your sponsor.   It means a lot to me!  I LOVE helping people live a vibrant life style and Young Living sure makes it easy!
I will be sending you a few gifts but I wanted to explain to you what you will be receiving from me…so…

I made this video for you!

In summary, here is what is coming your way.  Gifts for educating your mind and useful gifts to help you get started using your oils.

Educational Gifts

1. Essential Oils Reference Guide (a 400 page awesome oily resource)
2. Fearless (confidence with Essential Oils in 2 hours)  BEST BOOK EVER ON USING OILS!
3. Gameplan (Build a Life Beyond Survival Mode)  Tips on how to share your love of oils and be well compensated by Young Living

Useful Gifts  (these vary depending on what I have on hand, sometimes I add samples)

Topical use of oils:  Empty Boston RoundRoller Bottle

Aromatic use of oils: Atomizer (small empty spray bottle)

Internal use of oils:  Gelcaps to fill with essential oils and carrier oil for internal use

Essential Rewards  (the best perk in YL)

Diffuser Necklace is my gift to anyone who joins Essential Rewards  (I am sending your necklace in your welcome box if you joined with your kit, otherwise when you join ER message me and I’ll send you your necklace!)
Money in your YL Account – 10% back on your first purchase in your ER account  (up to 25% back in time)
Free Oils from the monthly Essential Rewards promos (this month it is VALOR) Free! Up to $200 of free gifts for purchasing at the various price points

Online Private Groups and Meet Ups for our Members

*1. Sign up for the next Young Living Walkthrough Webinar/Hangout with Q&A:

Here is  one of Sam’s welcome Walkthrough’s that I posted on my website.  You’ll learn how to make the most of your Starter Kit and your YL membership. Sam will teach you how to navigate your personal Virtual Office at Young

In my welcome email I will offer more options for furthering your education via email or private FaceBook groups


ABOUT YOU (please look these topics over so I will know what you are interested in learning about.

Biggest Health Challenges?  

I’d like more information on…

__hormones  ___ sleep   ___ stress   ___ pain  ___colds and flus ___cleaning  ___Supplements  ___natural personal care products  ___a whole health wellness plan ___makeup  ___kid’s and baby care ___oils in the bedroom  ___oils of the Bible ___oils in the kitchen  ___oils for fitness ___oils for animals ___skin care   ___oil nutrition  ___oils as a business  ___cleansing and detox with oils  ___Fearless Class (next step in oiling)  ___First Aid  __raindrop Training   ___emotions

Hope all this is helpful.  I explain more in my video but would love to meet up IN PERSON (once social distancing is over), or via Zoom or over the phone. If you are LOCAL we have monthly oily gatherings where we learn together about our oils and the Young Living lifestyle and eat really healthy yummy food it is a great time together.
I will be calling you soon to learn more about what YOU are interested in and to see how I can best help you in your oily journey.
Holly Drake
828 406 8241


I totally FORGOT!  You may have become a YL member by purchasing a Thieves Kit!  If so, you will still receive my welcome bags but you will get informed on living a toxic free life with Thieves at this link on my website.  I’m adding more info soon.  Such a necessary toolbox for every house.